5 steps to improve your marketing to Gen Y

Our world is changing rapidly. Technology is developing faster than ever and information is shared and made available everywhere. Generation Y is the first generation to grow up with Internet and is used to having everything at its fingertips. Therefore marketing will never be the same again. Based on interviews with 21 global marketing executives from various industries (such as Converse, Heineken, Abercrombie & Fitch, BBC, Microsoft, Reckitt & Benckiser and many more), we published our recent millennial paper describing the challenges marketing, branding and communication managers are confronted with when dealing with this generation.
In this paper Joeri Van den Bergh, Gen Y expert and author of How Cool Brands Stay Hot offers you a 5 step plan to improve your marketing towards Gen Y customers. Here’s already a glimpse of these 5 crucial steps:

  1. Make yourself relevant
    Gen Yers won’t take bullshit. They search for products which satisfy their needs the best way possible. Being relevant is key.
  2. Make a touch point mix
    So many possibilities, so difficult to manage them all. Reaching out to them and communicating with them requires good touch point management.
  3. Use the engagement toolbox
    You can’t just expect them to swallow every message. Do you really tap into their minds? How can you really engage them?
  4. Be fair
    Their constant hunger for new impulses makes it hard to keep them interested. How can you make them loyal?
  5. Have guts!
    Go out there and create a daring but relevant appeal.

To discover more about these 5 key steps and what they’re all about, check out the full paper below or join our Engaging Generation Y Smartees Webinar on 5 February!

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