How creative crowdsourcing inspired new snacking flavours for Arnott’s

Arnott’s will introduce three new snacking flavours; this results from a fully digital hybrid ideation track in only seven weeks time.

The challenge

The team at Arnott’s, Australia’s largest biscuits producer, wanted to build a new and exciting range of flavours for Shapes, a savoury biscuit cracker range in Australia and New Zealand. But there was an additional challenge: this innovation process needed to be organized completely digitally.

Our solution

InSites Consulting involved the eÿeka network, a global creator community, to organise a creative crowdsourcing competition. To bring together the best of both worlds, we launched an internal ideation challenge with over 100 Arnott’s employees simultaneously.

The core project team generated, shared, liked and discussed more than 90 ideas virtually; this happened on the Studio platform, our proprietary insight activation tool.

In a digital ideation workshop, Arnott’s involved more stakeholders to present, optimise and select ideas. That is how we tested the remaining 11 killer ideas on a range of KPIs (stakeholder excitement, feasibility, viability) in a quantitative idea screener with 200 consumers, using our swiping tool. We then took the best-scoring ideas to a concept-writing workshop and crafted them into full-blown concepts based on consumer and stakeholder feedback. All this only took seven weeks.

The impact

The crowdsourcing project allowed us to take a step back from the brand and ‘think outside the box’, thus resulting in an amazing stretch of ideas for the Shapes brand. Including ideas from our cross-functional workforce furthered the stretch and added a different perspective. Expert guidance from the eÿeka team helped us narrow down the options and guided us to optimisation. The challenges posed to us during lockdown were handled expertly and efficiently, making the whole process seamless and fun!

Kath Stavrellis, Consumer & Marketing Insights Specialist, The Arnott’s Group

Arnott’s has been developing the three winning ideas into actual products in the course of 2020. Thus, the eÿeka ideas inspired the activation and PR teams at Arnott’s with out-of-the-box creativity through the Studio platform.

Arnott’s continues to connect with the right people at the right time, putting consumer centricity at the core of their business. Therefore, Arnott’s set up a structural collaboration with +800 consumers in 2020; their aim was to understand, evaluate and test new ideas and concepts using our versatile Square platform.

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