A big thank you!

The first edition of ‘How Cool Brands Stay Hot: Branding to Generation Y’ is now a bit over 2 years old and it’s been a hell of a ride. In the past years I’ve travelled the world to share the Cool Brands story on international & national stages, such as Ad Congress, the Youth Marketing Strategy Summit, the Nordic Media Festival, Future Summit, the Kid, Youth & Parent Power Congress… I have enjoyed discussions with global brand and marketing teams at in-company sessions for MasterCard, Pepsi Lipton, Heineken, Converse, Diesel, Pernod Ricard, Coca-Cola, the BBC and many more.
Earlier this year the book also received a second book award (2012 Best Book in Marketing Award by the American Marketing Association). And with the release of the new edition last March, we can head into the summer season with over 15,000 sold copies on the counter*.
Over these past years, we could count on the support of so many people: the interviewees and contributors of both books, our readers, fans, followers, clients, associations, colleagues, conference organizers, friends and many more. So a big thank you to all of you for your support in these past years and in the years to come.
Just can’t get enough of How Cool Brands Stay Hot? Stay tuned, because after the summer we’ve got some new Generation Y research reports and press releases coming your way.
*Numbers only include the English and Dutch versions. Next to these versions the book has also been translated into Russian, Czech, Polish, Spanish and Chinese.

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