Whether it is developing a new product, service, advertising campaign, or brand activation, our consumer collaboration initiatives can guide you in crafting and optimizing solutions. 

We believe consumers & employees should work closely together in an iterative loop of ideation and optimization, online and offline.

Out of every 100 people, 90 can validate, 9 can curate and only 1 can create content. Depending on your research needs, we connect with these specific groups to validate, curate or create your product, service and communication solutions.

  • Ideation
    The starting point is fresh ideas and, in this context, we truly bring that out-of-the-box thinking required for new idea development, with creative crowdsourcing. We connect you with our proprietary creator network eÿeka, a unique global community of 400,000+ highly creative individuals, to bring innovative ideas and solutions to the table.
  • Optimizing & testing
    Generating ideas is one thing, but creating impact with them is another. We believe in fast iterations to make sure ideas turn into impactful concepts: by idea screening, concept optimization, pre-testing communications and packaging or UX/UI optimization, we involve the consumer throughout the development process.

Other steps in our approach

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