Back to school with our Insight Academy


If you are a parent (like me), there is a fair chance that on September first, this week, you will be high-fiving your partner or spouse to acknowledge the kids’ first day back at school for the new academic year.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my little critters – but after two months of unrestrained summer freedom, it’s time to give daddy a break. To coincide with the kids going back to school, this is the first in a series of miniblogs around our new Insight Academy. The kids are learning again, perhaps it’s time for you and your organization to enter or ‘re-enter’ the scholastic space around customer centricity and being insight-led!

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Brands under pressure

Module 1 – The Age of Relevance is the foundation point of our Insight Academy series. All good stories need a beginning and ours is rooted in the fact that today’s business and customer conditions are putting brands more and more under pressure. Why do businesses need to be more insight-led/ relevant now than 10 years ago? We are operating in a radically different world – where purpose, personalization, copy/paste and reduced brand loyalty are the norm. The proof? According to Yale University, the average lifespan of a company has decreased from 67 years in the 1920s to just 15 years today.
Polish astronomer Nicolas Copernicus once defended the idea that the sun is the center of our universe rather than the earth. The same thing is happening now with consumers versus brands.

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Models, Madonna and Man-boobs

In Module 1, we will draw a distinction between brand-centric and consumer-centric by introducing a model (and examples) that shows why you need to depart from classic brand or product touchpoints and zoom out right through to life needs.
You will discover how Abercrombie & Fitch dropped the ball, which is the consumer insight behind Madonna and how the CEO of an international lingerie company literally put breasts on all its male employees for a day.
Our CEO (and Academy Professor) Kristof de Wulf explains more about what’s in store for you in our Module 1 Classroom:

Meet our Insight Academy

Our Insight Academy is a scalable, blended (online & offline) and modular training program to teach you the ins and outs of insights. Why do we need to be relevant and insight-led? What’s an insight? How do we find and write the great ones? How do we create real impact by turning these golden insights into action?

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Wish to become more customer-led and improve the competence level of insights in your organization? Let’s talk about the Insight Academy!
This blogpost is part of a mini blog series on the 4 modules of our Insight Academy. Check out part 2 – Speaking a common language and part 3 – The hunt for the golden ticket.

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