Become a better youth marketer through co-creation with young people

Join Joeri Van den Bergh (Gen Y expert & co-author of How Cool Brands Stay Hot) and Maarten Lagae (Senior Research Manager) at the Youth100 event for a half-day co-creation workshop on Thursday 10 October. The Youth100 event celebrates the UK’s top brands according to 18-24s, revealing the most loved brands for 2013.
During the co-creation workshop, Joeri & Maarten offer professionals the chance to come together with 18-24 consumers for a fun, creative and practical session. Participants will address an innovation or branding/communication challenge and find solutions in an ideation workshop involving the voice of Millennial consumers. After a content briefing, they receive a road map and a limited amount of credits to find solutions to real case situations.
This is a unique chance to be part of a dynamic and rewarding co-creation exercise. Participants will go away with a deeper understanding of insight-driven youth marketing, taking new ideas and inspiration back to their own workplace.
Find out more about the event and how to register online.

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