5 not-to-miss inspirations at the ESOMAR Congress

In a yearly tradition ESOMAR host their global congress in September. This year’s theme? What inspires. This year’s location? The beautiful city of Nice. We’re proud to have been a supporter of ESOMAR for years and never miss the opportunity to connect with the market research world at their flagship event. So just as in previous years, the InSites Consulting team will again be well presented.
One of the InSites founders and Managing Partner of our US base, Prof. Niels Schillewaert, is this year’s Program Committee Chairman. Annelies Verhaeghe, the InSites Head of Research Innovation, will be presenting our Telefonica case together with Natalie Malevsky, Head of Insights & Communications at Telefonica Digital, on Tuesday September 9. And finally our very own Joeri Van den Bergh, co-founder and Gen Y expert, will be on site looking for inspiration on how to leverage market research to new generations.
As for me, this will be my very first ESOMAR Congress attendance and as a well-prepared conference attendee I have already listed my top 5 ‘not-to-miss inspirations’ from the program.

  1. Vision Y: Shaping the future of the eyewear industry through the eyes of the Millennial consumer (a Luxottica case study). Hopefully an interesting source of inspiration for our CoolBrands Youth Marketing blog. In June, we already published an article on a must-read book for luxury goods marketers: La Génération Y et le luxe (for now only available in French, but the English translation is coming soon).
  2. Going to the edges for inspiration: Why it’s right to talk to ‘extreme’ consumers even if you are a mass market brand (a PepsiCo case study). Yes, brand fans can be ‘biased’, but they also generate an in-depth discussion and according to this case study they unlock insights which transform the work of marketing and innovation teams. I’m curious to learn more about these extreme PepsiCo consumers.
  3. Research that sparks: Methods to make market research more inspirational (a Telefonica case study). You wouldn’t want to miss our case study with Telefonica, would you? Annelies Verhaeghe (InSites Consulting) & Natalie Malevsky (Telefonica) will show you how to maximize the chances for increasingly relevant and impactful research through more creative thinking – outside our traditional box – and why the magic starts outside our comfort zone.
  4. Why do I still come to work? What motivates long-time market researchers to stay and what will motivate young ones to remain in the industry? I’m not actually a market researcher but as a marketer in the marketing research sector, I am however eager to find out more about the secret to happiness for working in our industry. Maybe I can pass on some tips & tricks to my Employee Happiness team colleagues.
  5. What inspires Customer Innovation by Marion Debruyne (Author of ‘Customer Innovation’ and Professor at the Vlerick Business School). Early July, we hosted our Consumer-Activated Innovation event in London with Marion as our inspiring keynote speaker on innovation through consumer collaboration. Let Marion guide you to business success by becoming an outside-in organization.

Is your session not on my list? Feel free to convince me to join it, maybe I’ll blog about it afterwards on our InSites blog 😉
By the way, the inspirations are ranked by timing, not by preference.

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