6 tips for impactful reporting on online Research Communities

At the end of last month, I was privileged to talk at a recent NewMR event: “Putting the ‘Qual’ in Qualitative”. My talk was titled: “How to bring qualitative research results to live within the company?” In the presentation and the screencast, I’m sharing 6 tips about how to bring qualitative research results to live in your company. The tips are illustrated by a community we run for Heinz in The Netherlands. The screencast can be found here, below you will find the presentation with the 6 tips for the use and impactful reporting on marketing research online communities (MROCs) and 3 take-aways. I hope you like them!

Advantages of online research communities: 6 tips

  1. Relevant information. Managers value consumer insights that are relevant for their job at that moment.
  2. Easy to access. Make it easy for managers to join your projects and participate. Keep the barriers as low as possible.
  3. The right format.Information needs to be presented in the right format for that time. Think in advance who will be your target group for specific information?
  4. Mix Online & offline. A general rule in good marketing campaigns; always choose a mix of online and offline channels to spread your consumer insights.
  5. Make it FUN. Grasp the attention by adding some fun elements to it. For example by using quizzes, challenges and (team) battles.
  6. Use the right incentives. Motivate managers to participate in your projects and reward them for it. Recognition and status are key.

3 take-aways

  1. Bring the consumer to life & try to think as an advertiser while doing so.
  2. Focus on the consumer feeling;managers don’t want to need research for each small decision taken, they want to be able to trust their consumerknowledge.
  3. Make the community co-owned; involve them in the dialogue (MROC’s) to sharpen the consumer knowledge.


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