7 out of 10 supermarket visitors want targeted promotions

7 out of 10 supermarket shoppers want to receive targeted promotions. The majority of shoppers (61%) say that they often receive supermarket promotions that are not of interest to them. Shoppers are open to innovations in their supermarket: coupons linked to their loyalty card, intelligent shopping carts telling you which products you need based on a shopping list and the total budget of your purchases, shopping carts that automatically register purchases at the checkout, or products in the fridge that warn you when their expiry date is close. While these applications make shoppers buy more, they are not ready to pay more for them. They still want to keep social contact in their supermarket. This was revealed by a survey conducted by InSites Consulting in collaboration with Living Tomorrow. Click here to read the full press release  or for more information about this study, contact Annelies Verhaeghe, R&D Consultant (Annelies@insites.eu).

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