7 people to follow on Co-Creation

Looking for people worth following? Meet our 7 people to follow series, sharing an overview of people worth following on social media. For our second list, we’re looking at how consumers can be involved in innovation through co-creation. With the possibilities provided by digital media, we notice a shift from random acts of creativity by everyday people to organized initiatives such as Airbnb, a trend we call ‘crowd-everything’.
As consumers are spontaneously and successfully participating in innovation activities, they might become competitors of the brands they like. The challenge is to bring the efforts of the consumer world and the business world together, thus opening up innovation and moving from crowd-everything to co-everything.
A lot is going on in the field of open innovation, from crowdsourcing new ideas to structurally collaborating with users in iterative loops. To keep you up-to-date on the role of co-creation in the innovation space and its impact, we have listed for you some people to follow on Twitter.

Co-creation as a tool for innovation

  • Braden Kelley (@innovate) is co-founder of the popular blog Innovation Excellence. Follow his tweets to learn what’s new and exciting in the field of marketing and innovation. While Braden is providing the broader context, Doug Williams (@DougWilliamsMHD) – also part of the Innovation Excellence team – is sharing great inspiration on open innovation and co-creation.
  • Fueled by technology such as 3D-printing, the field of co-creation is expanding to personalization and mass customization. Want to follow an expert who combines the business and academic perspectives? Frequently quoted in The New York Times, The Economist and Business Week, Frank Piller (@masscustom) will keep you up-to-date!
  • One of the challenges in co-creation is selecting the right consumer profile for your collaboration. The research by Eric Vernette (@VernetteE), Professor of Marketing at Toulouse University, will help you identify and validate lead users.

Co-creation in practice

  • Guidelines and theories are great, but if you’re interested in the impact of co-creation, you should follow the wonderful Cecilia Weckstrom (@ioedge), Head of http://LEGO.com & Consumer Experience at LEGO. Discover the impact of embracing co-creation as a core strategy at the heart of your organization.
  • While co-creation is an intense collaboration for a longer period in time with a specific user profile, crowdsourcing is an open call for ideas to the world. eYeka connects brands with creatives through crowdsourcing and both CEO Francois Petavy (@fpetavy) and Research Fellow Yannig Roth (@Yannigroth) share great stories about this type of innovation competitions.

We’re all about co-creation, so please share your favorite #cocreation sources with us!
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