7 people to follow on the Future of Business

Looking for people worth following? Meet our 7 people to follow series, sharing an overview of people worth following on social media. Evolutions in the digital and technological worlds are transforming – sometimes even disrupting – different industries (we all know what happened to the music business and companies such as Kodak). In order to survive, every single business will need to redefine/reinvent its business model sooner or later, whichever the sector they are in!
A lot is going on, both in the world of technology and in everything it touches. In order to help you keep up with all the changes and latest developments, we created a list of people you may want to follow on Twitter. Each of them has his own specialty and together – and on a daily basis – they will give you a very nice overview of and look into the future of doing business in these new and exciting times!

Talking Digital/Technology

  • What impact is technology having on our society? Follow futurologist Robert Moran (@RobertPMoran) stream of thoughts and facts and from time to time you will find the future a bit scary. But is that not what we need in order to be encouraged to take action for our businesses?
  • What’s next for the web? How do online platforms and services reinvent certain industries? Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (@Boris), co-founder of The Next Web Conferences, will tell you all about it.

Talking Business

  • Brian Solis (@briansolis) is a world-famous author and keynote speaker on everything ‘social’ and ‘digital’. Learn how your business can benefit from the power of social media and what this means for your strategy, processes and operations.
  • Europe’s though leader on ‘conversational marketing’, Steven Van Belleghem (@StevenVBe), is a ‘must follow’ to make technology the facilitator of a more consumer-centric approach to marketing, customer service and CRM.
  • Ted Coine (@TedCoine) blogs and tweets very frequently about the human side of business. Even in a world dominated by all things digital and technology, the human aspect will remain the most important element of all. But, how to adapt?
  • Peter Hinssen (@hinssen) is a firm believer in the power of networks and the networked economy. Learn why and turn your business into a spider which is part of a wider web…
  • Last but not least: Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang). He does a lot of research into the domain of the collaborative/sharing economy. ‘Sharing is the new buying’ is one of his favorite phrases. Needless to say that this rising phenomenon (which is facilitated by digital technologies in a lot of the cases) will have a huge impact on a lot of existing business models – just look at what a service such as Uber is doing with the Taxi business in many big cities around the globe.

Enjoy your daily shot of inspiration! And don’t forget that every change holds a new opportunity… #excitingtimes
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