Brand-consumer collaborations, the perfect symbiosis

In today’s worl, change is inevitable and the pace at which things change is unpredictable; therefore the ability to be…

FEVE Glass Hallmark - Choose tomorrow today

Co-creating a new glass hallmark for people and planet

For the past 10 years, we have been supporting FEVE in their mission, through several European-wide research studies measuring consumer attitudes towards, and usage and recycling of various packaging materials. At the end of 2019, FEVE asked us to support them in their quest to create an international hallmark to promote the key benefits of glass packaging. Our role: introducing the consumer component in a multi-stakeholder co-creation process.

Awarded Silver Trophy in ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Awards 2020

Fighting off stiff competition, we secured the Silver Trophy in the ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Awards for Anheuser-Busch’s three-year innovation project. To…

Innovation Envy [podcast]

Innovation has always been one of the big engines for business growth and for getting ahead of one’s competitors. Fueling…

Unfolding the innovation DNA: Pilot

In our Innovation series, we aim to unpack Innovation’s DNA characteristics. We started with Friction and explored the role of Passion. We are now at the third and final characteristic: embracing a perpetual beta approach. In other words, adopting a Pilot mentality.

Unfolding the innovation DNA: Passion

Successful innovators are characterized by this drive and endurance to take an insight forward. Their aim is to turn it into an idea and subsequently a concept. Here’s how surgically infusing passion into your process can bolster your proposition.

Unfolding the innovation DNA: Friction

Many innovations, especially disruptive innovations, start with a friction, a frustration, an unmet need: the founder experiences a problem for which there is no solution, so they create the solution. This is also the first of 3 DNA characteristics incumbents can infuse to catch up with disruptors.

Innovation's David vs Goliath

Disruptive newcomers are threatening incumbents Innovation. Disruption. Some may think these terms are interchangeable. For instance, if you were to…

To all bankers: Innovate in the name of sustainability!

“Innovate in the name of sustainability”! This call by Contzen from the Luxembourg Bankers association can be considered the key…