Nurturing Nature

Sustainability Trends 2021: Nurturing Nature

COVID-19 made people revalue nature and clean air. Discover how this newly experienced immediacy with nature brings the opportunity for brands to help consumers bring nature into their homes and restore natural spaces.

How making no compromise can help retail survive

A tailwind. An accelerator. A game-changer. However you think of the global pandemic, it has changed the lives of millions…

Conscious Consumption

How sustainable is sustainability for European brands post-COVID-19?

Learn more on European consumers’ perception and comprehension of sustainability supported by proprietary research, case studies from around the globe and trends like terroir-ism, flipside shopping, re-commerce.


The rise of ‘bothism’ and what that means for your brand

In the current digital era, with 24/7 access to a global offering, the world has become our playground. With one…

How sustainable is sustainability for brands in Australia post-COVID-19?

Buycotting on the rise for Australian consumers

Today, 25% of Australians report that they have boycotted a brand for sustainability reasons, compared to 14% just over twelve months ago. According to our new two-part study conducted in July 2019 and October 2020, aimed at assessing the change in consumer sentiment and behaviour towards sustainability caused by the Australian bushfire crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Belgian consumers place more importance on sustainability today than pre-COVID-19

Almost 9 out of 10 Belgians feel that ‘sustainability’ is important today, compared to 8 in 10 just twelve months ago, pre-COVID-19. According to our two-part study conducted in July 2019 and August 2020, this increase was seen across all generations, with the largest change in attitude recorded among Millennials (+13%).

Focus on health shaping mobility trends

How the focus on health is shaping today’s mobility trends

For a long time, citizens and smart mobility providers have prioritized the human need for productivity – getting from A…

Clean is the new Green

Is Clean the new Green?

Since the start of the lockdown, we have been engaging deeply with 102 consumers from 13 countries in a COVID-19 consumer community, to get an understanding of (the changes in) their everyday lives. One of them being the near and far future of sustainability in a post-lockdown era. How sustainable is sustainability in a (post-)lockdown scenario? Is clean the new green?

The Conscious Consumer

The Conscious Consumer

Sustainability is or was not a hype: it will provide brands with a license to operate. In order to stay relevant and create talkability while price elasticity is diminishing, companies should continue investing in more sustainable solutions.

How brands can engage NextGen consumers

Welcome to the dawn of a new generation of consumers. In today’s post-truth society, change comes rapidly and unexpectedly. The…

Australia first test ground for award-winning bot research

Our Australian branch recently won the Best Paper award at the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) National Conference….