A new Council for ESOMAR

Yesterday ESOMAR, the global market research association, announced their newly elected ESOMAR Council. As a global organization (active in 130 countries), this Council has a major impact on the direction which our profession is evolving in, both locally and internationally. Like in every true presidential election, two candidates were standing for President, one of them being our very own co-founder Niels Schillewaert. We are really proud to announce he has been elected ESOMAR President 2017/2018…
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Every two years, ESOMAR elects its Council members. This Council, made up of 11 members from across the globe, is responsible for achieving ESOMAR’s overall vision, mission and objectives. The election and ballot procedure was processed by an independent third party, the Electoral Reform Services (ERS), with additional monitoring from an independently formed Election Committee to oversee the elections.
Accompanying Niels in the 2017-2018 Council are BV Pradeep (as Vice President), Joaquim Bretcha, Luisa Ravelo Contreras, Anne-Sophie Damelincourt, Umesh Kumar, Kristin Luck, Pervin Olgun, Marcello Sasso and Pieter Paul Verheggen. Congratulations to each and everyone of you!
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“I am pleased to announce I was elected President of ESOMAR. This is not ’my’ merit; it has been enabled by the support of many ESOMAR members and representatives as well as by the good and hard work at InSites Consulting. The open innovation approach we have taken with our clients and the fact that over the last 10 years we have shared our innovative work with the industry, has led to the fact that we have built a very solid brand. It is heartwarming for me to experience that every time I am at an industry event, I have people coming up to me referring to someone from InSites whom they met and mention how similar and ‘leading edge’ our DNA is. All of this has helped build an image and led to me being elected. So a huge thanks to the InSites Consulting team and beyond, for your continued hard work – it does make a difference!”
said Niels Schillewaert PhD, co-founder and Managing Partner at InSites Consulting, working from our New York office and now elected ESOMAR President 2017/2018.

And that’s not the only good news from the ESOMAR front. Giulia Gasperi, Research Director at our NY branch, has been invited to serve on the program committee of ESOMAR’s Global Congress in Amsterdam in September 2017. We now have the youngest ESOMAR member ever to serve on the program committee at their leading congress. So hands up for ESOMAR for including the Millennial generation for real and also for Giulia, who clearly impressed the association at the latest ESOMAR Congress in New Orleans, where she did not only raise the Millennial voice in market research, but also ping-ponged with the audience in the #ESOMARping interview series

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