A quick wrap up of Esomar Congress #esocong 2011

The world’s most well known international congress about market research is behind us: the Esomar Congress 2011 in Amsterdam ended yesterday. There was a lot of inspiration, a lot of food for thought and a lot of networking and dining. Our colleagues Tom de Ruyck and Annelies Verhaeghe were on stage presenting some of our finest research results. During the award ceremony (The Esomar Awards), InSites Consulting was nominated with 3 papers in 5 different categories. Getting nominated (the standard are skyhigh) is already a nice achievement. But of course, let’s be honest, we were most eager to win them all. We didn’t and we congratulated the winners via Twitter with their success. Meanwhile, during all 3 the days of congress, our colleague Elias Veris was live reporting in blogposts together with Betty Adanou at the Esomar website.
In these days just after the congress, you can check out the sentiment and get some overall, not too contexted information about the event and what’s been said and done via a search on Twitter. If you’re interested, it might be even better to check out the blogposts at the Esomar blog. They go by day, here they are in highlights:

Photo: Emiel van Wegen (@emiel1 on Twitter)

At Insites Consulting, we had a great dinner with some of our clients. We also did a boat tour, in the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. In the coming days, we will share more information about the papers we presented and we’ll also try to share the presentations with you. More to come. Oh, and by the way: the coming Esomar Congress will be hosted in the US. We’ll be there.

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