A single act: Creating double community engagement for Q-Music

Community moderators have to be DJ’s; it’s the first thing Tom de Ruyck, our community guru here at InSites Consulting, taught me. Of course, I took this very seriously and the last couple of months, I got lucky. For the community I moderate for Q-music I was able to work with real DJ’s. When working with research communities, member engagement is very important to us. For Q-Music, we wanted to make sure that the community was taken on a real community journey. In this blogpost I describe how we managed to facilitate double community engagement with just a single act.
Community only movie

A real community journey (take a look at the above picture) consists of the ‘full round’:  introduction sessions, newsletters, interesting topics, discussions and gamification. In the Radiotalk Q-music community we did something extra. In the first week the members were only aware that they were participating in a research for a Dutch radio station, they did not know which particular station it was. In the second week we announced the initiator, not by a blogpost, a newsletter or a general topic, but by posting the movie below. In the movie, Gijs Staverman, the famous DJ of Q-Music, talks directly to our community. Staverman:

“Hi, I’m Gijs Staverman, I’m a DJ at Q Music. Q Music is the initiatior of this community. The reason we started this community at Q Music, is that we really love to hear your opinion. About our communication, our music, and about our marketing actions. Your opinion is very important to us. To stress that, I’ve got som nice rewards for you: I got the top 90’s 500 for you and some tickets for our “Foute Party”.  We appreciate your collaboration in advance!”


The movie created engagement beyond our imagination. Members told us they felt special, because a celebrity was talking to them and onl specifically, a selective group of 60 participants. Reminding them how important they and all other listeners of Q-music are. From this point onwards community members who usually switched between radio stations, specifically listened to Q-music during the community. Fans and switchers were triggered and the number of posts was amazing.
Doubling the engagement and particiapation
This movie did not only create engagement amongst community members, it also showed great engagement from Q-music.  Not only did the entire management team follow the community on a daily basis, they also made sure that the DJ’s were following the community and even participated in the community. Engagement like this does not only lead to a very effective and insightful workshop afterwards. Q-music made day to day changes and differentiations in the radio programming during the time the research community was live.  The community members could notice these changes: of course this was also a huge driver of engagement for the community participants.
Only a little effort
The publishting of the video and the spreading of the video internally at Q-Music was not such a big deal, you could say. But the little effort  led to double engagement at once, with both community members and employees at Q-Music. We received a lof of nice feedback and we’re planning on using this “tactic” a bit more in the near future for our research communities.

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