A word from Gianni Cooreman

Gianni Cooreman is Digital Research Manager at InSites Consulting.
What’s the new ‘buzz word’ in your domain? What does it mean and what do we do with it?
I personally think that digital marketing already is a ‘buzz word’. Technology and digital marketing is evolving so rapidly these days that it becomes very hard to keep up with all the trends as a marketer or market researcher.
The Internet is definitely becoming more and more “real-time” thanks to the rise of online micro-blogging services like Twitter for instance. Perhaps we can call it web 0.0 (just kidding) because the latest news is available online 0.0 seconds after the facts (e.g. the death of Michael Jackson). I think marketers should explore micro-blogging services (and social media in general) for 2 reasons: (1) to be aware of what is told about their brand on these platforms and (2) to use it as an additional communication channel to interact with their user base.
What are you most proud of?
I am very proud with the launch of MC DC, “Marketers & Consumers, Digital & Connected” (http://mcdc.insites.eu/), together with IAB Europe. MC DC tries to answer the different challenges brands, companies and marketers are confronted with when entering the digital world of consumers. We really felt a need among marketers for a market research report that contained insights, vision and actionable recommendations instead of just flat research data (e.g. the number of people on social networks, the activities they conduct online,). Hence, the birth of the MC DC to help marketers understand the challenges and opportunities for their brand in the digital world.
What do you want to warn marketers/market researchers about, now and in the future?
I think we all need to keep an eye on technology in general and the impact it has on our business and personal lives. The real world and the virtual world gets more and more intertwined and I’m very curious to see where it’s all heading. I think every marketer should have a basic knowledge of the things that are going on in the online world and embrace these trends as opportunities. E.g. the rise of mobile Internet for instance offers companies a whole new way to interact with their user base and to deliver added value to them.
What has surprised you lately?
I was surprised that so many CEOs were disconnected from social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogs… I think it’s important to be where your customers are and to get a grasp of the conversations consumers are having with each other about your brands and products. Watch and learn!
What did your morning look like today?
I had a rather hectic morning today. I woke up at 8AM (yes, I bought an apartment next to InSites) and noticed water dripping from my ceiling. Apparently there’s a leak somewhere in the building, so I had a bad start of the week. This morning Pieter (one of our consultants) and I sat down to discuss the analysis plan for one of our clients who is active in the search engine industry. And I also worked on the reporting of the MC DC to make sure we have the final report ready by mid September.
Let’s end with a ‘quote of the day’!
I stumbled upon a presentation yesterday and on one of the slides there was a quote from Clay Shirky: “A revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new tools, it happens when society adopts new behaviors”. I couldn’t agree with him more. So, what do you think? Which digital trends are (r)evolutionary?
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