A word from Ramon Pardo

Ramon Pardo is Research Director & Country Manager the Netherlands at InSites Consulting, operating from our Rotterdam office.
What’s the new ‘buzz word’ in your domain? What does it mean and what do you do with it?
The domain closest to me is Customer Experience, and although in this domain everybody is talking about NPS (Net promoter score) I believe the new buzz word for this domain is going to be SMF (Social Media Feedback). SMF is all about using spontaneous customer feedback (which is already out there on blogs, forums and other social media) to evaluate and improve the relationship customers have with brands.
What are you most proud of?
All the things we have accomplished in just 10 months of being present in the Netherlands with the InSites Consulting office. The energy of my fellow team members Steven and Kristof to build the Dutch business in Rotterdam is really amazing. And it pays off! In the end, the most rewarding are the satisfied customers that we have been able to help in taking their businesses forward!
What do you want to warn marketers/market researchers about, now and in the future?
As researchers we need to understand that there are already many stories and opinions out there and in the future this will only increase. There will be less need for asking questions, we just listen to what customers are telling us spontaneously.
So stop asking questions and start listening to what the customer is telling us.
What has surprised you lately?
As a new entrant on the Dutch market I expected some resistance from current market research bureaus and associations. But nothing is further from the truth. It has been a total joy working and discussing with fellow researchers and encountering real openness amongst our colleagues in the Netherlands.
What did your morning look like today?
This morning I left for a day’s work in our head office in Wondelgem, Ghent, Belgium. I spent it with our R&D team on a conceptual discussion about human motivations. These are the things that really inspire me! Being an innovative researcher also means taking the time to take 2 steps back in order to make 1 leap forward. Having a dedicated R&D team that funnels inspiration really helps with this process!
Let’s end with a ‘quote of the day’!
An old one from Einstein but still too often the truth in current research: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. As an industry we must have the courage to change and reinvent ourselves constantly, if we want to deliver better recommendations to our clients.

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