AI Chatbot puts consumer insights in your pocket

Amazon, Facebook and Apple already know it: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay and it will have a huge impact on our lives. Will it also impact the market research industry? Of course! And instead of fearing the inevitable, we had better talk about all the opportunities. We already see examples popping up were AI machines help with research tasks like survey design, qualitative moderation and data analysis. It will help us save time, which will allow us to focus on those parts of our jobs that are really of added value: understanding the business issues, crafting powerful consumer insights and bringing those to life in front of managers.
But can AI do even more for us? Can it become a manager’s next best friend in day-to-day decision making?
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A smart agent

What if every employee within an organization could chat with a bot, a personal assistant who has answers to all their consumer questions? Through the AI-driven chatbot, employees could have direct access to all consumer research ever done. It would give them the right answer anywhere, anytime and inspire them with new insights which it believes one might need during the day. And last but not least, it could also impersonate the consumer, giving an employee the chance to have a simulated chat with their target consumer.
Starting from this dream, we created Galvin (now in private beta testing):
Meet Galvin

How does it work?

Galvin is connected to a database of all sustainable consumer insights/research from the past years within an organization. By starting a conversation, one can ask Galvin to bring up consumer insights that are interesting for a specific query. Next, Galvin will use its AI power to search through the enormous database, create connections between different insights and give relevant answers to the question asked. It will not send the full PowerPoint report of a research study, but will share insights in a short, sharp and visual way.
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What can Galvin do for a decision maker?

We identified three ways in which Galvin can become the perfect assistant:
1. Consumer meet-up
Have a chat with a consumer! Using predetermined consumer segments, Galvin impersonates a persona. Choose a persona, ask them to tell a bit more about their life or ask them specific questions. It’s a simulated chat based on all the insights Galvin has about that segment. It feels like having a conversation with a real consumer.
2. Consumer-centric-thinking coach
Galvin coaches employees to create a consumer-centric mindset, with daily fresh and new inspiration on the topics that one is interested in. A 5-minute update with consumer news along with their morning coffee.
3. Personal insights assistant
In a meeting and in urgent need of a specific insight? Galvin will provide you with the right insights anywhere, anytime. Galvin asks specific follow-up questions to be sure you get exactly the insights you need to make the best possible decision.

Maximizing the impact of your insights

With AI assistants like Galvin, we enter a new era of consumer research usage. First of all, this will kill the typical PowerPoint reports. Instead of sharing these heavy documents via e-mail, everyone inside the company can now have instant access to all consumer research via their mobile. But it’s more than just sharing. Tools like Galvin will bring the insights to life in a new conversational way, giving employees the chance to really make consumer-centric decisions. All this will result in a stronger consumer connection in the hearts and minds of the employees, leading to better market decisions and a higher ROI of research dollars.
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The end of the PowerPoint reports is near

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