An impression of our 'Consumer Consulting Board' Smartees Workshop!

Last Thursday, the InSites Consulting London team invited a small group of clients for a half-day workshop at Wallacespace St Pancras. The goal of the workshop was to introduce research communities, or ‘Consumer Consulting Boards’ as we like to call them,  to our clients from different industries and to answer any questions they may have had concerning research communities. After an informal chat over a delicious lunch where everybody mingled, Robert Dossin welcomed the 15 clients who were present and introduced Tom de Ruyck, InSites Consulting’s global head of research communities and me, InSites Consulting UK research communities expert. During the first half of the workshop, Tom introduced research communities to clients and the InSites Consulting approach to turn these into a success. Because of the small group and informal setting, a lot of questions were already tackled during this part of the workshop.
CCB1We kicked off with a small who’s who and the most urgent question they had regarding research communities. Most of these questions related to recruitment and engagement, where people wanted to understand “how to find those very specific profiles”, “how to engage people with non-sexy topics and themes such as financial questions” or “how to apply research communities for other business objectives than innovation”. In addition to explaining research communities and the InSites Consulting approach, Tom also showed how we leverage the research internally as well, creating maximum impact and helping market researchers to drive their ROI up.
Before going for a break, I presented one of our inspiring cases which I had been so lucky to work on. Through the Heineken Open Design Exploration case. I showed how research communities brought together hip young people from around the world to help Heineken conquer the nightlife. In addition, this case illustrates how research communities can also serve as an inspirational platform for both internal and external stakeholders.
CCB3After a break and some coffee and snacks where some final pending questions were discussed, we headed back to turn theory into practice. We split up in small groups with a similar industry focus to apply the learnings from the first half of the workshop to an actual business objective. Using our market research skills, we developed research objectives and questions and a research community to answer these questions. At the end of the brainstorms in group, the different teams presented their case to the other groups, leading to some very interesting business questions (how to increase loyalty within pub patrons whilst making them eat more pastry and having them consume more (responsibly)).
At the end of the afternoon, Tom had answered the different business objectives and we were ready to continue the conversation over a nice drink with some appetizers. It was a great day and not just temperature-wise… We had had an interactive afternoon, where we all learned from each other and learned how to turn a research community into a success for your business objective. We thank our clients for attending and for thinking along with us! It was a great workshop and we’re already looking forward to the next one!

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