And the winner is…

Of course, attending the closing ceremony of the Accenture Innovation Awards in Finance in the Brussels BOZAR yesterday evening, could not come without the usual hurdles/suspects: traffic jams, parking issues. But, eventually I made it to the event, and it was all worth it. Really! Accenture did not only succeed in bringing together over one hundred bankers and relevant stakeholders involved with innovation within the financial sector, the BOZAR was really set on fire during the engaging speech by Jamie Anderson (the ‘management’ guru) on individual creativity. Can you imagine, bankers in nice tailor-made suits throwing paper planes throughout the venue unraveling their most creative moments? Unseen to me, especially when the plane with ‘in bed’ on, was promptly rewarded with Jamie’s book (The Fine Art of Success) and the crowd acknowledged this moment of disclosure.
Anyway, the tone was set and in a rather relaxed atmosphere, the 5 nominees of the jury were presented in random order: Fidelsys, a web platform enhancing loyalty card system while stimulating e-payments by using the bank card as vehicle, iPAYMO providing innovative and complementary secure solutions using Location & Context Awareness (LCA) technologies, The Keytrade Bank iPad app, innovative in usability and simplicity, including the ‘swipe’ movement, My Micro Invest an equity based crowdfunding platform, and the P2P mobile payment app of Bancontact MisterCash.
In my opinion, these are 5 really high potential innovations, putting the customer at the core, but of course, there can only be 1 winner. And I’m happy to share that the jury ‘dared’ to choose for an innovative start-up, presenting a true disruptive innovation challenging the status quo: My Micro Invest! Congratulations, guys, well done and hopefully the award is another step towards hitting the bigger wave.
KBCThe public voting prize went to KBC Save for goals, a savings account to save money for clients’ chosen goals, synced with KBC online and mobile banking and shareable on Facebook. If you ask me, a true customer centric banking product, and I was pleased to offer KBC the InSites Consulting Innovation Workshop as a starting point for hopefully another successful innovation!

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