Are you the smart cookie we're looking for?

As an ever-growing company, InSites Consulting is always looking for new smart cookies to help shape the future of market research. Right now, we are looking for a new Innovation Consultant who will be part of our ForwaR&D Lab. This dedicated R&D team has been developing innovative research methods and techniques since 2006 and has received several international awards.

We’re hiring!

What will be your challenge? You will be responsible for the development of our new toolbox, aimed at generating and validating insights. You will work closely together with our technical team, participant engagement team and the business across all InSites offices. You will be based in our Ghent, Rotterdam or Timisoara office. Your key responsibilities will be:

  • Co-create and test our new toolbox with InSites clients
  • Help transforming the organisation in the adaption and usage of our research innovations
  • Take up presales to ensure the commercial success of our new innovations

By the way, we have about 10 other vacancies available at the time as well, so if you want to know more about this job opening or other vacancies InSites Consulting is offering, don’t hesitate to visit our job site and apply for the one you think you’re perfect for!

Stay in touch on LinkedIn!

Want to stay up-to-date about new vacancies and job opportunities in the future? Just follow our LinkedIn page and you’ll never miss an opportunity to become part of our wonderful smart cookies team! However, amazing job openings is not the only thing you can find on our company page! Here are 3 more reasons to stay in touch with InSites Consulting on LinkedIn:
#1 Providing you with industry insights:
We provide you with interesting industry insights that will give you some fresh perspectives on certain topics! These insights can come in the form of tips & tricks, a recap of some interesting industry events, blogposts, reports and interesting conclusions from research of our own!
#2 A look InSite the company:
We give you a sneak peek of what we do at InSites Consulting and who we do it for. We will provide you with interesting client cases from companies like Danone, Philips, Jacobs Douwe Egberts, Südzucker and so on.Furthermore, we also give you a clear view on our company culture and what it’s like to work for us. To tell you more about the company’s achievement, we give more information about awards we have won and about our award-winning employees.
#3 Products and services:
Last but not least, our LinkedIn company page keeps you posted about the smart sessions InSites Consulting organizes for clever marketers and researchers. These sessions are available around the world and come in formats like Webinars, Eat ‘n’ Learn sessions, seminars or workshops. Our next smart sessions scheduled for April will be half-day workshop sessions and will focus on transforming your consumer experience strategy.
So, we hope to stay in touch with you on LinkedIn and maybe we’ll welcome you as one of our future colleagues soon!

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