Back to school with our Insight Academy


This is the final part in a four-part series of mini-blogs around our new Insight Academy. Today we wrap things up by introducing Module 4 – Using Insights. And to keep our schooling metaphor going, let’s talk about one of the most important themes in education (at least at Tertiary or University level) – that is, making sure you do indeed use all that hard-earned knowledge in your head!
The world of insighting is quite similar – through independent research we have learned that great insights not being leveraged properly is one of the pain points of our industry. They are locked up in PowerPoint cages or dusty old knowledge management systems and at a higher level fail to drive meaningful business actions that actually lead to superior innovations, brand actions and communication.

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How do we make sure all the blood, sweat and dollars that went into finding and writing a great insight are not wasted?

Activate your insights better

Did you know that in any given research presentation it is recommended to spend only 1/3rd of your time effectively presenting data? Experiencing the data first hand and discussing implications are equally important.
Also, did you know your brain only thinks something is a habit once you have done it 21 times consecutively? Working with insights is no exception!
In the end, increasing insight impact is about a measured approach of presentation and deployment skills, creating habits around insight sharing and utilizing smart tech to help insights flow better in your organization.  Module 4 – Using Insights sets out our Insight Activation model built around 3 distinct phases:

  1. What you can do right now – for example, better deployment of ad-hoc research projects.
  2. What to build for tomorrow – new capabilities, introducing insight habits and intelligent ways to discover and collaborate around insights in your organization.
  3. The future of insight activation – technology that literally gives you the insights you need at your fingertips.

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Our Insight Academy professor, Tom De Ruyck, explains more about what’s in store for you in our Module 4 Classroom.

Meet our Insight Academy

The kids are learning again, perhaps it’s time for you and your organisation to enter or re-enter the scholastic space around customer centricity and being insight-led!
Our Insight Academy is a scalable, blended (online & offline) and modular training program to teach you the ins and outs of insights. Why do we need to be relevant and insight led? What’s an insight? How do we find and write the great ones? How do we create real impact by turning these golden insights into action?

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Wish to become more customer-led and improve the competence level of insights in your organization? Let’s talk about the Insight Academy!
This blogpost is part of a mini blog series on the 4 modules of our Insight Academy. Check out part 1 – Join the Copernican Brand Revolutionpart 2 – Speaking a common language and part 3 – The hunt for the golden ticket.

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