Combell VIP Event

Last Thursday, we attended the Combell VIP Event. Combell, our hosting partner celebrated their 10th anniversary. The IT department, i.e. Gunter, Joost, Ken, Frederick, Bram and myself were invited to represent InSites Consulting.
The festivities took place in an exclusive tent in the garden of the new Combell offices in Ghent. We were the first (of a total of some 200 invitees) to arrive at the party at 18h30, since punctuality is an important aspect of the IT employee…
At the start of the event, Gunter was interviewed by none other than Kris Borgraeve. You will soon be able to admire the interview on Combell’s website. The others were invited into the group photo. After having the picture taken, we were treated to some delicious appetisers. During these exclusive starters we could enjoy a performance by Elke Bruyneel, Delavega’s lead singer.
At 21h30 the Combell team was presented, treating the guests with the rest of the walking dinner. All this was spiced up with some music: Elle Yana (a rising Ghent talent) and Partie Party (the Biezebaaze singer’s new band).
From 22h00 on, the cocktail bar was open, where we could get Caipirinha, Amaretto Sour, Whiskey Sour… We are confident that we represented the InSites colors well. The VIP Event was a success, and we would not mind repeating the experience. It was great to know the Combell colleagues a bit better!

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