Congress report: Conversation #smartees UK

Tuesday, at Insites’ Consulting Conversation #Smartees event in the Museum of Brands (@MuseumofBrands on Twitter) a lot of bright minds in London’s marketing and research crowd gathered to listen to Steven van Belleghem (@Steven_Insites, managing partner at InSites Consulting) and his conversation story. Steven immediately immersed his audience in a continuous barrage of social media examples that made your head spin; from president Obama and his live twitter feed during the State of the Union till his analogue about Jesus as coach of the catholic church and social media prophet 2000 years ago. What became clear after the dust settled – and after more examples about the Harry Potter launch and how 7 influencers turned into 350.000.000 in just 3 weeks, 5000 ad impression in London a day and a baby elephant in Antwerp Zoo, was that no one company can do without putting the customer at the center of their decision making (and preferably have one or more in their boardroom!)

After the break, Master of Ceremony Simon McDonald and ‘Case Master’ Maarten Lagae continued to entertain the crowd by not only going deep on content how companies like Diageo created their digital content, but simultaneously managed to blow up the Museum audio speakers and keeping Axe angel/bikini girl on screen for the remainder of the presentation – all to the enjoyment of our male audience.

Afterwards, the networking started, with client Enzo of the FT joining in our conversations at a Gastro pub close to Holland Park. The quote of the day was shared by Simon as he felt he was left standing with something in his hand during the afternoon (better to ask him details). Finally, to close off a busy afternoon, Maarten enjoyed walking up and down 92 stairs at Holland park Tube station with 40 spare Converstation Manager books, just to keep into shape for his wedding… Up to our next Smartees!

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