Congress Report: Jump Conference 2011

In October, I presented at the JUMP conference in London, organised by E-Consultancy.  It’s a big old affair, with 4 lead rooms around the themes of Lead, Analyse, Optimise and Engage, plus 4 other rooms with whitepapers being presented. So eight papers being presented at any one time, exhibitors on the ground floor and over 1,000 delegates… You get the picture – there’s a lot going on.
Lots of exhibitors, and lots of big brands presenting such as Virgin Atlantic, and Porsche.  And little old (young?) InSites Consulting there as the only research agency presenting.  On the Analyse stage, I did a breakneck tour of conversation management and why if it’s so important to marketers (CLAIMED) do so few companies really fully engage in it (FACT). To help encourage the first few steps, I gave a few pointers to how to do it, and to prove why consumers are open and willing to listen and participate.  I showed some results of our recent mobile research study and Social Media around the World which confirmed that the majority of conversations (on AND offline) are positive in sentiment when talking about brands.  There are also a few rules to follow when things do go wrong (are you listening Blackberry!!) such as apologise, re-direct to CRM, and involve your senior managers.  Oh.  And don’t expect to be thanked for it. But in the main, the presentation looked at some of the findings from our “Big 3” netnography safari of brand pages on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.  The deck contains some clear recommendations for how to attract, engage and maintain dialogue with your brand fans via social media.

I also caught some of the papers such as an interesting one from Matthew Turner, Head of online Sales and Marketing at BskyB who is in charge of Sky’s efforts to optimise marketing effectiveness through better channel integration.  Their motivation for channel integration was driven by 2 primary factors:
1. Common sense (wow!)
• Siloed channel growth has become more challenging and more expensive over time
• Hitting growth targets impossible without degree of integration
2. Actual data and research (yay!)
First results were impressive with customer acquisition from certain cross channel promotions in excess of 200% higher in comparison with the previous years.  Another great paper was from Tejal Patel at Nokia who talked about drving engagement through putting social media at the heart of a campaign.  Results for Nokia Pink were similarly impressive with a claimed 57% uplift in sales off the back of  the campaign, with every €1 spent generating 154 exposures.  Nice ROI!  Even more interesting, was that Nokia employs a Listen, Engage and Business approach to social.  The words and graphics and methods might be different, but it looks pretty similar to Steven Van Belleghems Observe Facilitate Join model which underpins The Conversation Manager, and I ended my presentation with.   And they have developed an in house portal which brings the voice of the consumer into the company through a “Social Command Centre” which allows them to understand what their brand fans are saying about them. Good to know we’re not preaching in a vacuum.

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