Connecting with consumers around the world

In today’s globalised and connected world, one could have the perception that global brands are in pole position to grasp the huge opportunities in new and emerging markets. But reality is a bit different. How important is it to adapt and localise your marketing strategy? And how can research communities help give brands local relevance?
All these questions will be answered during 4 different Smartees sessions. So wherever you are, you will be able to join one of our ‘Connecting with consumers around the world’ Smartees: the Seminar in Rotterdam (June 4), the Seminar in Ghent (June 6), the Breakfast in London (June 18) or the online Webinar (June 27).
In all sessions, Tom will show you how Consumer Consulting Boards can help brands run international projects easier and more cost-efficiently and how longitudinal consumer connection unveils insights you had not discovered yet before. Case studies from universal brands will illustrate how our approach allows international teams to have the global helicopter view, while local teams gain local knowledge to make the brand and its offering relevant and truly successful in local markets.
CCB_WidgetThe full programme for each of these sessions is available on our Smartees website. You will go home not only with a lot of new and useful insights, but also with a brand new copy of The Consumer Consulting Board book! Interested in joining one of these sessions? Then register online!

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