DigiPharm Conference in London

Last week I attended the DigiPharm Conference in London, a Health Network Event for modern Pharmaceutical marketers. Yes, they do exist! I was really pleased to learn that so many inspiring people engaged in this truly Forward Thinking event.
Funny yet firmly, Heather Simmonds (Director PMCPA) reminded the room that THE CODE OF PRACTICE also applies in the digital marketing playfield. For those who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about: “The Code” is for Pharma a bit what The Bible is (or maybe used to be) for good believers: those who trespass the rules risk excommunication from Pharma heaven for ever and a day. And Heather is one of the guardians of The Code, but unlike many had anticipated – (‘oh God, yet another of those boring legal lectures…’), Heather reprimanded the room for what they did not yet do (rather than for their alleged sins).
Please raise your hands who has all the information online that can be perfectly shared within the boundaries of the Code…
Less than 5% of the hands were raised! All these marketers eager to launch YouTube channels, bond with patients on FaceBook, and do PR on Twitter (check out Boehringer Tweeting all you Tweeters), they blushed with shame having to admit they might consider applying web 1.0 first.
Many left the room full of good intentions to use 1.0 to its fullest extent and start observing 2.0. My guess would be that many will start on PatientsLikeMe.com. Thank you James Allen Heywood (Co-Founder and Chairman) for the best presentation of the conference!
Contact Magali Geens, Director Pharmaceutical Research for more information (magali.geens@insites.eu)

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