Engage, Inspire, Act

Great companies understand the importance of consumer and market insights when it comes to outperforming the rest. Superiority in learning and sustaining that knowledge through the constant search for new insights and better understanding of drivers of consumer value in the market place has proven to be one of the most critical corporate competencies.
Together with InSites Consulting, Unilever changed the hearts and minds of their R&D employees by bringing the consumer into the company’s product development. At the Annual ESOMAR Congress this September in Amsterdam, Tom De Ruyck (Senior ForwaR&D Lab Manager) and Stan Knoops (Group Leader Consumer Insights at Unilever R&D) will present the three stepstones towards developing more impactful products. Last week their paper ‘Engage, Inspire, Act’ has been approved by the Congress Committee.
Find out more about the congress at the ESOMAR website.

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