Ensuring business continuity in COVID-19 times

As a digital-first agency we have been adopting habits and building best-in-class systems to offer 24/7 support to businesses across the globe since our inauguration at the end of the ‘90s. But these days, it is good to make the implicit explicit, to ensure our research participants, our partners, our clients and our stakeholders that we remain 100% operational.

We have a cloud-first mentality

The Consumer Consulting Square is the engine of our business. This fully hybrid community platform, with its integrated suite of qualitative and quantitative research solutions, allows you to connect with consumers anytime, anywhere. As the developer and owner of this platform we have operations in own hands, which guarantee continuity. The Square technology is supported by Microsoft Azure cloud services, ensuring uptime and back-ups at all time.

In our day-to-day collaboration we also adopt a cloud-first mentality, connecting digitally through the MS Office 365 suite. Evidently face-to-face encounters with clients and external partners can also easily switch to this digital suite.


United we stand strong!

In recent years, the InSites Consulting family has grown significantly, spreading out over 6 continents. Today we are organized in +40 hybrid teams – smaller ‘companies within our company’ – spread across 18 different physical locations. Should we be shy of capacity somewhere at some point (think local holidays or less favorable situations like a temporary lockdown), we can easily dispatch work to buddy teams around the globe.

Next to the +600 colleagues, we engage +150 certified and trained research professionals through our online Global Moderator Network; they help us day in, day out, adding localization and contextual interpretation to our research projects.


We love working from home, our safe place

As a certified Great Place to Work ® company, we value a good work-life balance. Working from home is not a policy, it’s a habit. Our smart cookies are equipped to work remotely (laptops, communication headsets, VPN connection, etc.). They can always collaborate and access our network files whenever required, wherever they are.

Digital data is the fuel of our business; therefore, we take data protection very seriously. As an ISO27001-certified organization, the necessary guiding principles and working habits are embedded in a wide set of policies, procedures and working processes. This way our home office is not only a safe place for us, but also for your data. If you’re interested to know more about this, feel free to reach out to us at


We take specific COVID-19 measures

Following our Business Continuity Plan, we have taken specific measures to cope with the additional challenges that the COVID-19 outbreak evidently brings.

Our Corona Response team has created a specific internal SharePoint page, accessible to all co-workers across all offices, grouping all possible information, guidelines and recommendations related to the COVID-19 situation, with the intention to protect the health of our people and to play our part in slowing the spread of the virus across the globe.

All Managing Directors are empowered to take the necessary actions. Depending on the local situation, actions may vary (work from home, travel advice, online meetings, etc.). Should you have any questions, or seek guidance or advice on how we deal with the current situation, feel free to contact your local InSites Consulting hub.

Let’s continue taking research forward and empowering people to shape the future of brands!

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