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ESOMARJoeri Van den Bergh, InSites Consulting and Dirk Van Kemseke, Levi Strauss Europe will be presenting at the ESOMAR Qualitative Conference. This year’s edition takes place in Marrakesh in November 2009.
Understanding generation Y’s definition of ‘authenticity’ for the Levi’s brand.
The classic way of looking at the concept of ‘brand authenticity’ is defined by components such as: origin, history and heritage of a brand. Levi Strauss, known as the inventor of the denim jeans with its Levi’s 501 model positioned as the ultimate original jeans, wanted to find out modern interpretations of authenticity. More specifically they doubted the relevance of their brand heritage and history to the target group of young consumers (13-29 year olds) aka the brand and marketing savvy Generation Y.
In this interactive presentation (based on online quantitative research with youngsters in Belgium and the Netherlands) a new definition of authenticity is constructed. Since youngsters are the consumers (and thus market research participants) of tomorrow, the presenters will also illustrate how this new definition affects the way market researchers will have to interact with this generation.
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