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Yesterday evening Famous announced their ‘Everybody Famous’ community at a barbecue event near Brussels (BE). Experts from Famous and InSites Consulting shared insights on this exciting collaboration project, an on-going research community with 150 Flemish and 150 Walloon consumers connecting the strategic and creative minds of Famous with the stories of consumers for more relevant and impact oriented advertising.
Joeri Van den Bergh, Gen Y expert, co-founder of InSites & author of How Cool Brands Stay Hot kicked off, setting the scene of the current advertising landscape. How can advertisers reconnect with consumers?

“In the current consumer climate, a brand can no longer buy attention or authenticity. One has to earn it. If brands do not want to run the risk of losing their significance or their relevance, they must gain a better insight into their consumers’ environment and not simply examine the products they purchase. The key to gaining the consumer’s trust is to build a long-term, organic relationship, one that will give you a better insight into his daily hustle and bustle and help you gain a better understanding of customer needs.”

Next up was  Marc Fauconnier, CEO of Famous, talking about his fascination for the sometimes difficult relationship between consumer research and creativity.

“In our creative search for the new and the unseen, we have often felt misunderstood by the snapshots of consumer’s opinion in classic research. Was there any opportunity to learn from each other? Today, I believe we have a major break-through in this long lasting area of tension. With our 24/7 consumer communities, Famous is the first agency to source a social laboratory. From now on our strategic and creative people will exchange insights and ideas with consumers on a daily basis.”

And then there was Tom De Ruyck, Head of Research Communities at InSites, explaining the concept of Research Communities and the change they can bring to Famous and their clients.

“As an ad agency, connecting your strategic and creative minds with the real stories and real emotions of consumers will ensure that the advertisement you create becomes more relevant and appealing to consumers: really touching their hearts, speaking to their minds and stimulating their actions. Our community members will help and inspire the team at Famous every single step of the creative process.”

We’ve published the presentations online and are happy to share them with you:

For our Dutch & French readers, we’ve gathered some media coverage on the collaboration project (Kanaal ZDe Standaard Media Marketing L’Echo)


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