First day at the Insights show

It was an interesting day at the conference today. The chocolate boxes at our booth are popular. So we could talk to a lot of research managers, and gather quite some new market knowledge. It is great to feel that our new methods and research approach are very well appreciated by market researchers from different industries. It is remarkable how many companies have plans to develop an ongoing community of clients. Some of them as a cheaper and faster alternative for the large number of ad hoc research projects they run, but many really see it as a means to continuously connect with the user base through ongoing discussions, and as such increase the buy-in and impact of market research in the company.
Christophe had a meeting with the research manager of an airline company to discuss the results of our Relationship Monitor study. This is pan-European study about the drivers of customer relations in 8 industries, the airline industry being of them. We learned a lot about how consumers see the flight experience. In their perspective this is actually stretched from entering the airport to arriving on their final destination, while many airline companies just focus on the time their clients spend on the aircraft. We’ll further elaborate this insight together with this airline company. Great!
At our neighbour’s booth, Sam & Steven had their handwriting analyzed. It was incredible how accurate that conclusion was. The good news is that Sam and Steven seem to be very complementary in a team and love to work in together, which is true. The other details of our personality, well, we’ll tell you in person J
Tomorrow 9 o’clock local time we will be here again, enjoying interesting talks! Christophe is leaving at noon for a client meeting but Sam and Steven are ready for it!
See you tomorrow!

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