Gamifying our MROC's through internal collaboration

At InSites Consulting we believe that gamification can boost productivity and can help people to think more creative and contextual. We also believe in the power of collaboration. Therefore it seemed perfectly logical to engage our own moderators in a challenge to map all techniques used on MROC’s.

Planet Communiteeh

We created a moderator challenge full of game mechanisms and an intriguing storyline. For a full week, our ForwaR&D Lab trainees transformed in to Commander Sofieeh and Captain Jelleeh from planet Communiteeh, home of the Communititans. (This was loosely based on the projective technique in which respondents are asked to fly to a planet and describe what they see)

Communititans are very kind and playful people, but they are not that good in creative and contextual thinking. The captain and commander were sent from planet Communiteeh to gather techniques used for stimulating creative and contextual thinking. In return they would reward the moderators with own techniques found during desk research.

Planet Communiteeh also brought the gamification of MROC’s to real-office-life. We introduced a leader board with scoring mechanisms based on the quantity of ideas and how fast the moderators replied. Contextually stimulating ideas were given 125 points, while creative ideas were given 75 points, this to address the need for contextual stimulation. In the final days of the challenge, we upped the point mechanism to stimulate competitiveness and handed out double points.

To further stimulate our moderators, we also handed out badges. And you can take that handing out quite literally 😉

We had badges for our leader of the board, a badge that was as easy to win as was to lose. This badge kept changing owner as moderators progressed on the leader board.

Because of the double point mechanism in the final days of the challenge, the leader board showed a misrepresentation of our top contributors. So in the end, badges for the moderators who contributed the most techniques and the best techniques were handed out. All moderators who contributed 10 techniques were also given a badge during the challenge.

Because it was quite clear to us from the beginning that we were dealing with busy people, we knew that getting reactions would take a while. The donkey badge was handed out to moderators who hadn’t replied back to us after two days. Amazingly, this badge of shame handed out very publicly was a big stimulus to take part in the game.

In the end we rewarded our top contributor and made one moderator very happy!

The outcome

After the desk research and the moderator challenge we now have a ready to use set of 75 techniques used to stimulate creative and contextual thinking. Where needed, these techniques were further gamified

To show you once more how much we believe in collaboration, here’s the top three methods our moderators use to gamify their topics:

  1. Turn the question into a challenge
  2. Play the guessing game
  3. Involve some role-playing

By collaborating with our own moderators and successfully using offline gamification techniques, we walked the talk and possess gamified techniques to stimulate creative and contextual thinking on our MROC’s

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