Getting ready for our US office

Last week I was in New York, USA. In preparation for opening our new office in the Big Apple – which Filip, Dennis and I are going to run – I met with recruitment agencies, real estate brokers, legal consultants and clients. The journey looks exciting! Our location will be in Manhattan, in the vicinity of Grand Central Station.
On Thursday and Friday I attended the CASRO Technology conference where I presented our paper on online research communities “The dark side of crowdsourcing”. Check the video which summarizes the key findings:

I learned at the conference that InSites Consulting is ready for the US. The methods and technologies we use for bringing the consumer in the boardroom are at the cutting edge of our profession. Research communities, social media research, analyzing unstructured data and data visualization are mostly in the early adopter stages. As we do at the InSites ForwaR&D Lab our industry needs smart and creative applications as well as experimentation such that we can bring innovation.
USA here we come!

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