GOR Conference Germany: 50% of crowdfunding projects is successful [Congress Report]

At the beginning of this week, my colleague Tom De Ruyck and myself were invited to the German GOR conference (General Online Research), organized by DGOF. Tom had a panel discussion about the state of research in Europe on Tuesday. On Wednesday, we gave a presentation together entitled “play, interpret together, play again, and create a win-win-win”. We gave a similar presentation at Esomar 3D last year, of which the write-up was already featured here. In short, the message is as follows: We believe in 3 ‘wins’ that can change the face of market research. These are the following:

  • Gamification boosts respondent engagement on online research communities, leading to better data
  • Involving ordinary consumers with the same profile as community participants in the interpretation of community data (crowd interpretation), leads to better conclusions
  • Gamifying the reporting of conclusions can lead to positive disruption (knowing what you don’t know) and in turn leads to more openness for other conclusions

The presentation was well-received, and we are happy to say that we were able to put Belgium on the map as an innovative country in Germany (original quote by one of the conference organizers!) :). For the second win, (crowd interpretation), we repeated a little experiment that we did at Esomar 3D last year: we asked 2 researchers that are knowledgeable about GenY to interpret data and to do it better than a crowd of ‘regular’ GenY’ers. The 2 researchers are pictured here (Thanks again for your cooperation, guys!).

Once again, we proved that the crowd comes up with more insights, but that insights from researchers are perfectly complementary to crowd-generated insights. Conclusion: we are both needed!
It was our first German conference, and we were surprised to see how many academic researchers took part. They are pretty much out of the picture at most market research events in other European countries… Anyway, I am happy to share some additional insights that I got at the GOR conference:

  1. Centrality of a page (how many other pages link to them; how central that page is in the network) matters for collaboration platforms. The more central, the more collaboration (think Wikipedia for instance. We on the other hand, are thinking about #mrocs!)
  2. 50% of crowdfunding projects is successful. The ones that fail don’t even reach 6% of their target budget.
  3. The motivations for participating in crowdfunding are “classic intrinsic drivers”; identification, entertainment, curiosity,… Not a bit different from motivations for taking part in market research!
  4. People participating in time use projects (logging everything they for 24 consecutive hours) on smartphones fill out their diary 5 to 10 times/day. Familiarity with smartphones influences this positively.
  5. 18% of Germans use internet on their smartphones. Using them to report on events (think beer festivals) is a good option, and brings you closer to the heat of the moment.
  6. Mobile surveys are a valuable substitute for pc surveys. However, they take double the time for a same amount of questions, and dropout is higher. Not a very illogical conclusion, if you think about the small screens and the distractions that people face when using a smartphone.

Valuable learnings, inspirational stuff, that we’ll be soon playing around with here at our innovation department!


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