Half of youth want to be self-employed

About 52% of the British aged 15 to 25 are considering becoming self-employed. This percentage is slightly lower than in the USA (56%). People seem deeply convinced of a career as self-employed entrepreneur in the BRIC countries. More than 7 Millennials out of 10 consider making the move. Danish (39%) and German (40%) youngsters are less keen on being self-employed. This is revealed by the results of a large-scale InSites youth survey amongst more than 4,000 respondents in 16 countries.
Only 1 out of 10 British youngsters who are currently employed consider the possibility of staying with that same employer for their entire career. This percentage is comparable to the USA (11%). In the BRIC countries the loyalty “for life” towards employers is as good as non-existent. Half of Indian youngsters think they will stay a maximum of 2 year with their current employer and in Brazil as many as 6 out of 10 say the same thing. 28% of Danish youngsters think they won‟t last longer than 1 year and 46% considers stopping their current job within 2 years.

GenY does not run away from the job because they are not satisfied, but simply because they no longer see a reason to stay.They are by nature stimulation junkies, which implies they constantly want to learn new things and be surprised at work. Job rotation, constant feedback and reverse mentorship are three good HR tactics for employers who want to keep Millennials a bit longer.” says Joeri Van den Bergh, GenY expert at InSites Consulting and author of the best seller ‘How Cool Brands Stay Hot – Branding to GenY’.

The simple reason is that coaching Millennials demands more attention and effort.

They can be loyal, but then rather to the people who coach them as a mentor, and not to a company which looks good on their CV. Just like their parents, a coach gives them chances to take their own responsibilities and to grow rapidly.” says Joeri.

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