Happy (belated) Community Manager Appreciation Day

More than 500 people from around the world created their own InSites Consulting #CMAD greeting card. The most popular greeting card “No thread is impossible” best illustrates the dedication of the community manager. Did you miss it? No problem! Go to www.happycmad.com and create your own belated #CMAD greeting card. Our service will be delivering cards for the rest of the week.
Tweetaway greenTweetaway: 500+ people created their own #insites #cmad postcard on www.happycmad.com. Send your belated #CMAD greetings now!
Next that last Monday, a special #CMAD Google Hangout was organized about research communities. Experts from the field, such as Tom De Ruyck, shared their vision on #MROCs and the role of the moderators. Check out the recording of this session

Tweetaway pinkTweetaway: View the recording of the #CMAD hangout on #MROCs with a.o. @tomderuyck #mrx #insites http://bit.ly/1jJn55s

Here’s a fine selection of CMAD wishes (anonymous of course)

Have a nice Community Manager day!!!! You’re doing a great job and I hope you will do it this way until you’re as old as the lady in the postcard.

Thanks for being a wicked and understanding Community Manager :). You’ve made the project social and fun and I can’t imagine how much online reading you must be doing, haha! Keep up the awesome job, you’re a champ! 😀

Happy Community Manager Appreciation day!!! You’ve really inspired me, by how you manage our Community. Whenever I post things on the community, I always wonder how you manage to reply to each and every one of us and evaluate every single message… It amazes me the way you manage. Great job. Keep it up.

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