Harnessing the power and creativity of the contemporary consumer through co-creation communities

All over the web, consumers are collaborating with brands in an exciting new approach to innovation. Websites like MyStarbucksIdea are platforms for conversations in which customers can express their needs and opinions directly and shape the development of new products.
InSites Consulting has developed a philosophy of guided co-creation and has put it into practice with companies like Heinz and Kraft. Our experience of running communities in real life tells us that participants for co-creation need to be chosen carefully to include innovators and gatekeepers. Innovators bring the ideas thanks to their deep knowledge of the product category. Gatekeepers know what sticks and what the mass market will like, so their role is to evaluate new ideas qualitatively and fine tune them for the market.
We’d love to share our experience with you. So if you’re interested in an in-company presentation about our co-creation communities, contact Tom De Ruyck.

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