Health Care Marketing Congress

On Thursday 8 October, Saartje Van den Branden and I represented our Health research team at the second Health Care Marketing Congress of Stichting Marketing “HEALTH… yes we CARE!”.
The House of Marketing kicked off with a very interesting survey among health care marketers. The findings of this survey were the building blocks of the other presenters. Interesting to see for us was that:

  • It was confirmed that health marketers feel that we are more and more moving towards stakeholder organizations instead of physician centric organizations. From our European patient survey 2009, we already knew that the power of the patient is increasing. Now we learned that also the power of hospitals and pharmacists is growing at cost of the influence of the GP.
  • Also, a need for an efficient segmentation of the market is deemed among the top marketing challenges. Marketers should choose the right target groups even more. Indeed, our 2009 survey revealed there are different groups of patients which require a completely different approach. Some of them are very open towards medical communication, whereas others are not. One group we identified, the health experts (26% of Belgians and 29% of Europeans), have a healthy lifestyle and are very involved in collecting health information. These people are more than others looking for info on diseases and medication and require special attention.
  • The budget of health marketers is decreasing and the health marketer trust index is on a very low level. This results in an increase of direct marketing, online marketing, lobbying, price promotions and patient support groups. This is mainly at cost of sales visits. Again, efforts are expected to be more and more in favor of patients. The reach of the Internet as an information channel is very high and satisfaction about the information found online is almost as high as information provided by pharmacists. Health marketers should therefore really consider this medium and they should know what information patients and care givers are looking and what they are telling about their brands online.
  • Leveraging valuable customer data is still a challenge. So we, market research agencies, have also challenges to overcome!

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