How online communities can shape your business

Join Tom De Ruyck and Anouk Willems on Tuesday 6 November 2012 at the ESOMAR Qualitative Event in Amsterdam for a full day ESOMAR workshop. Tom & Anouk will guide you towards structural collaboration with your consumers. For us structural collaboration means the integration of the voice of the customer in all decision-making flows of your company. In most companies, customers are only allowed to give feedback at the very end of a decision making flow through traditional market research.
This workshop gives insights into how to involve the customer in every single phase of the decision making flow on an ongoing basis including:

  • An inspirational view on structural collaboration between your company and the market, based on interviews with senior executives of (global) brands from different industries.
  • Main reasons why your company should be serious about structural collaboration with customers.
  • A clear overview of what will be key, in order to succeed with structural collaboration.
  • An overview of some organisational measures your company will need to take when moving from one-off co-creation to structural collaboration.

‘Market Research Online Communities’ (MROCs) are key in a company’s toolbox in order to reach ‘structural collaboration’. In the workshop Tom & Anouk will elaborate on what’s next for MROCs in terms of new tools and new possibilities. They’ll pay special attention to how to really engage with consumers, how to report results in an impactful way and how to embed this voice of the customer within all departments of the organisation. In other words, how to give consumers a seat on the board of your company. We will also argue that there are marketing leverage effects to running consumer communities, as will be illustrated by a multitude of client cases. More information is available online.
Listen to Radio NewMR’s podcast with Tom De Ruyck of 8 October, an interview by Leonard Murphy talking with Tom on the future of market research.

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