How sustainable is sustainability for European brands post-COVID-19?

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to flood our news feeds, forcing climate protesters to take a backseat, we might wonder whether sustainability programs and innovations are being redirected to the waste bin – no pun intended …

It’s true that during this global health crisis and the recession that will undoubtedly follow, budgets might get frozen or cut. Corporate strategies will have to deal with recovery, survival and getting back to normal. But let’s be honest, ‘normal’ wasn’t working before COVID-19 started to take the planet hostage.

Fuelled by new proprietary InSites Consulting quantitative research amongst consumers in Europe before (July 2019) AND post-lockdown (October 2020), we explore ‘sustainability’ through the eyes of today’s consumers. Check this virtual presentation on what sustainability means for your brand and get answers to the challenges you might be facing in becoming more sustainable. You will learn more on European consumers’ perception and comprehension of sustainability supported by proprietary research, case studies from around the globe and trends like terroir-ism, flipside shopping, re-commerce. We promise actionable insights on what consumers expect from future-proof companies like yours.

2021 Culture + Trends report

2021 Culture + Trends report

As researchers we not only want to understand which trends are shaping and manifesting around the world, but also HOW this happens. Combining a macro analysis and a qualitative exploration with our leading-edge consumer network. Validated by a quantification with 15.000 consumers in 16 markets, this reports offers a unique and actionable view on the post-2020 consumer.

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