How to engage with Millennials?

Join our US team on Tuesday November 5, 2013 in New York for an ARF Thought Leader session on Engaging Millennials. Generation Y is the most marketing savvy generation ever. Involving them in your brand strategy ensures a relevant and future-proof connection. Find out from Joeri Van den Bergh how to adapt your research and marketing to this critical generation, based on the collective wisdom of InSites Consulting’s research and a variety of client cases.
Below you can find the full program, we kick-off at 4:30PM. Interested to join? Send an e-mail to
Venue? ARF, 432 Park Avenue South – 6th floor, New York
How Cool Brands Stay Hot: Branding to Generation Y
Joeri Van den Bergh, co-founder & Gen Y expert at InSites Consulting and author of the award-winning and bestselling book How Cool Brands Stay Hot
How-Cool-Brands-Stay-Hot-3D_2nd-edition-smallMillennials know marketing when they see it and tend to run the other way. Their status symbols are more intangible – experiences over possessions, persona instead of property. As this generation graduates college and starts their careers, savvy brands need to know how to stay relevant. In his presentation, Joeri will reveal what really drives millennials and how brands can reach them. He’ll provide insights into the consumer psychology and behavior of Generation Y. This session will help you to connect with this new generation of consumers by understanding their likes and dislikes and how you can make your advertising, marketing and branding relevant to them.
Engaging Millennials via Consumer Consulting Boards
Giulia Gasperi, Research Manager at InSites Consulting
A new and different generation also challenges market research to reinvent itself. In order to stimulate young consumers to take part in research we need to apply engaging research methods, such as Consumer Consulting Boards aka online research communities.
Consumer Consulting Boards offer companies a unique opportunity to tap into the life of Gen Y. By getting close to Millennials and collaborating with them, you can better understand the behavior and motivations which fuel their buying and shopping behavior. By discovering the blind spots, your company will have a better outlook on the future.

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