How to make research FUN for consumers & managers

Last week I was a finalist of the NEWMR Young Research Competition. Click here to listen to the recordings of all finalists (congratz to the winners!). NewMR asked all young researchers from around the world were asked to summarize in 1 slide what is the most important thing they’ve learned the past year. Fortunately for me, I learned soooo much that it was difficult to choose one thing. But coming to think of it…there’s one general thing that inspired me most the past year:  FUN :).

Fun for consumers, managers & researchers

By setting up communities, you can involve both consumers & managers because it’s accessible to them (it’s always on). And by making it fun, it becomes an engaging experience for both parties.
Fun for consumers
For example, consumers are engaged by making the tasks more fun & challenging with gamification. For example, in our communities we challenge members to battle against each other in groups to come up with most insights. The group that wins unlocks access to a secret room on the community. So rewarding is an important element here as well; besides brand secrets we give members badges if they’ve accomplished an exercise so that they earn status within a community.
Fun for managers
One way to engage managers is by connecting them through a community with their consumers. This brings them to live instead of just looking at an aggregated number in research reports. For example, we connected the R&D department of Unilever Vlaardingen with one specific community member through a Facebook-like page so they really get to know a consumer and learn about their daily routines (click here to watch the video). Besides the connection, you can add fun in the way you share insights (or as we call it: infotainment). For example, we share insights with the organization by sending out interactive newsletters. If the employees study these consumer insights, they have better chance in scoring higher in the game we attach to the newsletter. That’s learning in a fun way.

Fun leads to more impactful research

Together, if both consumers & managers are engaged in this community experience, it leads to more impactful research. And this makes me happy because I really enjoy the enthusiasm from both consumers & managers! So, my story about Fun & MROC’s has a happy end J. Level completed!
Curious to know more about this ‘level’ or the next in market research communities (#mroc)? Contact me!  // @anoukw1 on Twitter.

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