If you had to describe InSites Consulting in 1 word, what would it be?

Yesterday Anneleen Boullart and I represented InSites Consulting at the Vlerick Career Fair organized by Vlerick Business School in Ghent, Belgium. During this half-day event we had the chance to meet talented soon to be graduates ready to take the first step in their professional career… and one by one very curious to know how InSites Consulting could fit within their ‘picture perfect ’.

We are all recruiters

What struck me the most when talking to the students was that more than 80% already knew what we as a company & employer stand for. Almost every single one of them referred to other occasions during which they met an ‘InSider‘. As a recruiter, that surely made my job easy! And it’s something I have my 124 colleagues to thank for. Because throughout the year, they are present on different international campuses, conferences, fairs – sharing inspiring content and giving cool guest lectures… but also spreading the InSites’ vibes with friends and family. If you are still convinced that strong employer branding and successful recruitment is the sole ownership of an HR team (or Employee Happiness team as we call it) than maybe this story can inspire you to think differently.

Like it? Tell it. Tweet it!

After sharing all the ins and outs about our career opportunities, it was our turn to ask a question! Via our Tweet-o-gram wall we asked students to share their thoughts and answer the following question: ‘If you had to describe InSites Consulting in 1 word, what would it be?’ The result of this little survey is in the pictures below! Daring initiative you say? Yes, it fits our DNA perfectly!

And euhm… You would be surprised to see how well this fits with what our InSiders say. Their stories will be shared at the launch of our brand new job page in a few days’ time. Stay tuned!

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