If you own the network, you own the future

With digital technology having dramatically lowered global transaction, communication and collaboration costs, collaboration is reshaping the way businesses operate with more and more companies tearing down the walls they have built around them and embracing an outside-in perspective.
Following the ideas Peter Hinssen described in his book The Network Always Wins, companies of the future organize themselves as flexible networks rather than as rigid hierarchies to keep pace with the challenges of a fluid, unpredictable world.
At InSites Consulting, we fully embraced the virtues of this open network economy 4 years ago when we launched our Global Community Moderator Network. Building this network was our answer to facing increasing demand from clients to support their global marketing challenges. Today, the network groups more than 120 certified and highly skilled qualitative researchers spread across 40 countries around the world. Being continuously trained in the latest collaboration and moderation techniques and relying on an average experience of 11 years of qualitative research, our moderators are the best answer to add local flavor, context and depth in a way that is consistent across countries.
After just 4 years, it is hard to believe that our moderators have already contributed their unique value to more than 500 client projects. Rolling out our network has proven to be the right choice for us, with both clients and moderators being excited about the journey and outcomes. Our plans for the future are to further strengthen and grow the network and to extend the role and impact of our moderators in projects.
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Patrick Landeau, Senior Vice President Operational Excellence at Addeco states: “It is reassuring moderators in the Community Moderator Network have such extensive qualitative research experience. It results not only in more, but also in better research output and consumer insights.”
Check out this short video on how our Global Community Moderator Network can make a difference to support your next marketing challenge!
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