If you want to be a winner, you'll have to lose once in a while

On June 16th, the Dutch Market Research Association MOA organised the Dutch Market Research Awards at the Zandvoort beach near Amsterdam in a truly stunning setting. And after two successful award ceremonies in 2008 and 2009, it’s now safe to speak of a great Dutch market research tradition!

With no less than 19 colleagues, InSites Consulting was well present and while we fully enjoyed the bubbles, cocktails, live music and great summer-style food, we were utterly nervous – with a good reason! InSites Consulting made it on this year’s short list of market research agency of the year. During the award ceremony the tension among the colleagues raised to new heights: will we make it? First there was a big hand for the winner of the SPSS Feedback Innovation Award: Wakoopa . Wakoopa’s Robert Gaal (@robertgaal) collected the well deserved price: their way of data collection allows market researchers to analyze online behavior in a truly new and innovative way. Other award winners include Peter Mulder and ASR Nederland’s Saskia Goedhart. The entire list of winners and the judge’s comments can be found here (in Dutch language only).
And while the sun was already setting in the sea, finally came the moment to announce the Research Agency of the year 2010: five companies made it on the short list, including InSites Consulting. Ferro and Mare already made it on the short list last year and while all agencies scored very high on the jury’s check list, this year’s award was for Mare.
The jury’s statement mentioned how all nominees

“… have an outward look: focusing on taking research forward to a future no one can ignore. A future in which research will play an active, creative and insights generating role with a multitude of methods and tools. Indeed, a role of exceeding ambitions and being at the forefront of the research industry….”

This year’s winner was Mare and we like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate them with this well deserved price.
Rotterdam teamAt InSites Consulting we realize that it takes losers to have a winner and while we feel we’ve exceeded on the judges requirements, the Dutch InSites organization may have been too new and too young to be this year’s winner. We realize how we’re in the midst of a new year in which we hope to grow at an even faster speed, continuing to take research forward and enlightening our clients and the fellow researchers.
Thank you MOA: we are already looking forward to next year’s award ceremony!

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