InSites Consulting at the Insights Show in Londen

This week, InSites Consulting is present at the Insights show (sound a little funny, doesn’t it). Steven, Sam and Christophe are there to learn more about the industry and talk to interesting people in the market research world.
But first: a presentation at IAB Europe and meeting some clients
It was an early morning wakeup call this morning for the three of us: a train at 7u30 implies leaving our houses around 5u30. The Insights show start tomorrow, but today Christophe has a client meeting, Steven & Sam are joining the IAB Europe meeting here in London.
At IAB Europe, Steven is one of the speakers, presenting his ‘warning speech’, a story about the challenges marketers are facing these days. Everybody understands that consumers have changed in the last 3-5 years, but still, there are only a few marketers that know how to deal with this change. In his warning speech, Steven gives his vision on different aspects of this transition. In short, the warning speech describes the know role advertising should play in an organization and ads the role of ‘conversations’ in the daily life of a marketer.
Further, Alain Heureux, president of IAB Europe, gave an interesting speech based on some InSites Consulting research. As InSites Consulting is one of the members of IAB Europe, we were happy to see that a large group of interesting people showed up for this first event.
To finish up our day, we went to Nobu, our favorite Japanese restaurant. If you ever have the opportunity, visit one of these resto’s and try some of their wonderful fish dishes. Our favorite dish is the lobster tempura, hmmm.

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