InSites Consulting in the running for an MRS award

Good news for our InSites Consulting Health team as we are nominated for an MRS Healthcare Research Award. Our Janssen Pharmaceuticals case on Schizophrenia shows how understanding patients helped Janssen to improve its website using Social Media Netnography Research. The MRS awards celebrate research’s ability to drive innovation, inspire change and deliver results. Evidence matters and the MRS awards are proof positive of the power of research. This is also why we are very honoured with this nomination.
Want to find out more on social media research in the Healthcare industry? Check this recent publication on what we can learn from conversations taking place on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. The report shows that engaging consumers is key and how brands try to win the hearts of consumers through social media.

Having said this, we’re really looking forward to December 10th, the day of the MRS awards ceremony. It’s going to be very exciting, competing with three other nominees, but we hope to add a new award to our collection! More (hopefully good) news about this later…

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