InSites Consulting Rotterdam is moving up!

Our Rotterdam team moved up to a new office, on the 8th floor of the Eurogate III building (Watermanweg 40-42), with a stunning view of the Rotterdam skyline. This newly designed space, fully equipped with spacious co-working rooms to suit the needs of our growing team, will allow our team and our clients to collaborate in an inspiring and safe environment.

Our proximity to the Alexandrium shopping area keeps us on top of consumer trends and needs… we literally and simply look out of the window to see what’s going on.

Unfortunately, the current climate doesn’t allow us to host a big opening party, but our doors are always open for a cup of coffee with a view! Drop us a note if you wish to swing by for a social-distanced-proof coffee break! Having joined the Dutch leadership team just before we closed our former office in March, I for one can’t wait to return amongst peers and clients across the Netherlands to better shape the future of brands, together!

Oh and we still have room for new colleagues… Check out our Rotterdam job opening for a Research Director and grab your chance to join our team of Dutch research talents.

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